I am a mathematics PhD student studying at the SAMBa CDT of the University of Bath. My supervisors are Dr Pranav Singh, Dr Lisa Kreusser and Dr Eike Müller who are supervising my PhD "Data driven splitting algorithms" which focuses on finding new splitting schemes that are optimal for larger time-steps and specific problems, e.g. Schrodinger's equation.

My undergraduate degree is a first-class honours Master of Mathematics from the University of Bath which I graduated from in the summer of 2021. My undergraduate Masters thesis, supervised by Dr Phil Trinh, was on the natural embedding of M.C. Escher's lithograph Print Gallery on a logarithmic Riemann surface and how to generalize this effect to other images and situations. As part of the first year of my PhD I have since attained a Master of Research from the University of Bath in the year 2022.

Outside of mathematics I worked for a year at Hawkeye as a software programmer in the computer vision team. This was where I developed my interest in coding that is used in my PhD to this day. I am also passionate skier and indeed am a IASI level 2 ski instructor, this along with my interest in long walks (up to 80km in a day) are a result of living in Switzerland for 12 years before returning to the UK.